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DIY Drawer Dividers For Makeup Storage

There's nothing that gets us more heart-eyed than neatly organised makeup, so when we recently found a handy way to divide up our eyeshadows from our illuminators, it all got a little exciting really.

This DIY can be done with any small boxes (or their lids) that you may have lying around the house, all you need to do is have a rummage in your recycling bin or collect up the lids to beauty boxes like we have done. Look for small, not too deep boxes around 20cm wide and 3cm deep. 
The best thing to do is measure the inside of your dressing table drawer and note down the measurements, this means that if you find the perfect insert, you can work out if they will fit in, and how many you will need to get the perfect arrangement.
Try turning the boxes around and mixing and matching different sizes to suit your drawer.  

Seen here is the IKEA Malm Dresser - we used ten Glossybox beauty box lids length-ways to perfectly fill the drawer. 


You Will Need:

  • Boxes/lids of the correct size
  • White spray paint
  • Ruler for measuring
  • Sheet to protect flooring

Step One
Gather up the boxes/lids you need for your drawer inserts - if you find you don't have enough, think about asking your friends to see if anyone has any going spare. Before we did this DIY, we didn't have a use for all the beauty boxes we had slowly saved up, so it's likely a lot of your girl pals will also have discarded boxes waiting to be used. 

Step Two
Lay down a sheet to protect your floor, throw open the windows to allow for lots of ventilation and ideally pop on a mask too. Remember to carefully read the instruction on your tin of spray paint before getting started. 

Step Three
Give your lids a good clean out with a slightly damp cloth and dry them off with a towel. 

Step Four
Take each lid and spray paint thin layers on the upper side of each. Allow this side to dry completely and then paint on another coat. Repeat this until you're happy with the coverage.  

Step Five
Turn over the lids and paint the bottom side, too. Do as you have in step four to make sure the whole lid (or at least the sides that are seen) are evenly coated in paint. It should take three coats to make sure both sides of the lids are completely covered. 

Step Six
Allow the lids to dry overnight, before placing them in to your dresser. You should have measured the boxes to ensure they fit correctly already, so just slot them in to place. 

Step Seven
Organise your makeup! Don't forget to add in some essentials like cotton buds and pads and also hair pins to keep hair out of your face while you apply your makeup. We recommend keeping one box free for little accessories, like pencil sharpeners and tweezers - so ideal. 


You're done! Now you can stand back and appreciate the sight of completely organised makeup. The dream. 

Don't forget that you can use boxes of various sizes, they don't have to be all one size. It make take a while to save up all the materials needed, but it will be so worth it in the end.

Will you be upcycling old boxes for this DIY? 

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