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DIY Homemade Christmas Wrapping Paper

Half the fun of Christmas is wrapping up your presents with Home Alone playing in the background, so why not make the fun last as long as the film with our homemade wrapping paper tips.

You Will Need: 

Wrap your presents in a mix of the different wrapping papers and secure with tape as you usually would. The newspaper works best if you cut out the sections with only text and use pieces of each to layer up until it looks right. 
Choose a few ribbons to go around each gift, the more glitter and textures, the better! Measure the ribbons around the length of the present and use tape to keep in place, we added a few more ribbons around the bow, but you can keep it simple or go all out if you wish. 

To make the Christmas tree design on the brown paper, cut out triangles of washi tape and layer three up at a time to make little trees at random on the paper. 
You can also use a gold or silver Uni Paint marker to draw circles all over the wrapping paper.

Wrappingpaper 3 Copy

To make the labels, measure the width of the label and cut out pieces of ribbon and Washi Tape to fit. Use Pritt Stick to secure, and layer up the ribbon and washi tape to make different designs. 
Use your label maker to type our your festive messages and the lucky recipient of your gift. 

Simple as that - play around with different colours and lots of glitter for a really pretty result. Your presents will easily be the most eye-catching gifts under the tree. 

Do you make your own homemade wrapping paper? 

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